SHE Policy

CPL Pharma Latina SpA  manufactures pharmaceutical products to offer its customers competitive, reliable solutions in  order  to  improve the  patient’s  quality  of  life. The  Company works  in  partnership  with  major  pharmaceutical companies and leading world reference ones.


CPL Pharma Latina SpA  moreover, carries out solvent recovery activities from wastewater of external origin to the site, through a distillation process, in order to give a “new life” to solvents that would otherwise have to be disposed of: in this way it increases the circular economy model, the development model of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, present in the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.


CPL Pharma Latina SpA  considers Environmental, Health and Safety safeguard and Major Accident Prevention as essential values in  performing its own manufacturing operations and development activities, in order to assure its employees and the surrounding community social welfare.


Within  this  framework, it  can be considered the  commitment of  the Top Management to adopt  and maintain an Integrated  Management System (SGI) for the Environment, Health, Safety and Prevention of  Major Accidents – in compliance with the UNIEN ISO 14001: 2015 standard and UNI ISO 45001:2018 – and to Legislative Decree 105/2015, to  be  suitable  for  the  purposes and context  of  the  organization,  including  the  nature, size, environmental impacts, risks and incidental scenarios identified in relation to their activities, products and services. CPL Pharma has also adopted the model of organization, management and control pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, to highlight its behavioral policies, setting the values of ethics and respect for legality, with the ultimate goal of preventing and limiting the risks of crime.


Through the adoption of the Integrated Management System, the Top Management intends to guarantee the prevention of  pollution,  control  and  minimization  of  risks,  seeking the  continuous  improvement  of  its  performance in  the environment, health, safety and prevention of major accidents, in conformity with the compliance obligations imposed by legislation and those signed by the organization.

The commitment of the Top Management is aimed in particular at:

  1. Safeguard the company’s employees, external personnel and visitors’ Health and Safety, preventing accidents at work and occupational diseases through  the  risk  assessment procedure and  the  adoption of  efficient collective and organizational preventive techniques,in order to eliminate the problem- where it is possible- or reduce it;
  2. Prevent Major-Accident, minimizing the risks connected with the probability of an event occurring and the use of hazardous substances, through the reduction in the use of these kind of substances and/or their substitution, employing the best technologies available in each of these stages, in accordance with the corporate sustainability;
  3. Prevent pollution and reduce the significant environmental impact caused by the plant own operations, such as the energy and water consumption – atmospheric emissions – waste generation, water discharge and smells during ordinary, anomalous  or  emergency situations, through  a  continuous process assessment, pursuing improvement objectives, through a continuous evaluation of its own processes in a life cycle perspective;
  4. Observe the compliance obligations both in force and future ones, concerning Environment, Health, Safety and Prevention of Major Accidents,as well as all commitments subscribed on voluntary basis;
  5. Guarantee the performance of accurate assessments as concerns Environment, Health and Safety and Major Accident Prevention, and regarding the decisions which affects all changes and developments of the plant operations.
  6. Establish and pursue improvement objectives, including  the  introduction  of  economically sustainable technological innovations, promoting at the same time a program of rational use of the site’s energy and natural resources, making available the  resources and  skills necessary to  achieve the  annual and all-year  goals implementation of the preset plans;
  7. Inform, educate and train all personnel working in the plant, including visitors, employees and contractors,to ensure that they are aware of their own responsibilities and able to work observing the Italian legislation, the assigned instructions, the current policy and the corporate regulations;
  8. Ensure consultation and participation of workers and their representatives
  9. Maintain mutual trust and confidence with the Authorities, a continuous cooperation with the Institutions and an open and productive dialogue with the local communities, in order to promote both the plant and the surrounding areas;
  10. Perform an appropriate check on all operations I products 1 services which have a significant impact on the Environment and which present or may present any risks for Health and Safety, including Major Accident risks, through the preparation and realization of appropriate procedures and instructions; 
  11. Develop and finalize emergency plans containing measures and procedures which are necessary to face accidents or emergency situations and to limit the effects;
  12. Adopt a control and monitoring system in order to analyze systematically the Management Systems performances and provide the essential elements to support the continuous improvement program; 
  13. Intervene promptly to correct or prevent situations of non-compliance, accidents, near misses, and any other event which differs from the operation’s ordinary performance;
  14. Review, on annual basis, the state  of  implementation of  the  plans preset  for  the  achievement of  the established objectives  of  improvement  regarding  Environment,  Health,  Safety  and  Prevention of  Major Accidents.


This Policy is:

  • Exhibited in each plant bulletin board and posted on the site’s Intranet Portal;
  • Shared with all the stakeholder through CPL Pharma Latina’s official website;
  • Delivered to suppliers and contractors.

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